Woof, woof! Are you a proud poodle or a playful pug? Take our quiz to find out what dog breed you are!


Find out if you’re a lone wolf or leader of the pack with our quiz – simply answer the questions below, tot up which letter you selected the most then check out your results at the end…

1. It’s Saturday night – what are you up to?

A At the opera house, daarling

B At the local comedy night

C Hosting a fabulous dinner party

D DJ-ing in a club

E Having a knees-up down the pub

F Taking a walk by the river

G Chillin’


2. Who’s your favourite author?

A Leo Tolstoy

B Do comic books count?

C Charlotte Bronte

D Stephen King

E Helen Fielding

F J. R. R. Tolkien

G C. S. Lewis


3. Your favourite TV show is:

A Horizon

B The Jeremy Kyle Show

C Coronation Street

D The X Factor

E Come Dine With Me

F Bear Grylls: Born Survivor

G Call The Midwife


4. What’s your style?

A Sartorial perfection – jogging bottoms and onesies make me feel queasy

B All that matters when I go out is the twinkle in my eye, *wink*

C It’s all about the accessories – coordinating shoes, bag and hat

D Hairspray, hairspray and more hairspray – work that quiff!

E I like to dress in pretty, happy colours, with a spritz of summery perfume

F I don’t have a style. I am ‘me’…

G T-shirts and comfy trousers are the way to go


5. What’s your body type?

A Average, but a little on the hairy side

B Cute and jiggly

C Devastatingly gorgeous

D Stout and compact

E Athletic and healthy

F Robust and strong

G Tall and graceful


6. What’s your signature dance move?

A The Moonwalk

B The Hokey-Cokey

C The Tango


E The Jitterbug

F The Robot

G I just go with the rhythm


7. What’s your favourite type of exercise?

A Squash

B Football

C Polo

D Death sports

E Dancing

F Running

G Yoga


8. How would your friends describe you?

A A genius

B A bit of a prankster

C Femme fatale

D ‘Out there’

E Jolly

F Independent

G Chillaxed


9. What’s your pet peeve?

A Grammatical mistakes

B Bossy people

C Bad manners in public

D Lying

E Rudeness

F Chatterboxes

G People who have pet peeves


10. What’s your idea of the perfect date?

A A trip to an art gallery

B Paintballing!

C A candlelit dinner

D A stand-up comedy night

E Drinks at the local

F A movie

G A walk around the park



11. When it comes to other people, you are:

A Intellectually superior

B The joker

C An expert conversationalist

D Confident

E The ‘life and soul’

F Introverted

G Easy-going


12. What’s your dream job?

A Physicist

B A comedian

C I don’t need a job – I get by on charm alone

D Astronaut

E Pub landlady

F Author

G Artist


And now, the results…

If you selected…


Smart and proud, you’re a poodle! Sophisticated and intelligent with many talents, you stand out from the crowd.




Loving, playful and mischievous, you’re a pug! You’ve a great sense of humour and like to show it off, and love it when you’re the centre of attention.




Outgoing, affectionate and charming, you’re a shih-tzu! You’re sexy and you know it, with a face and attitude that have melted many hearts.



Bold and friendly, you’re a Pembroke Welsh Corgi! Energetic and intelligent, you love being around other people, and your sunny personality makes you a big hit!



Merry and gentle, you’re a cocker spaniel! You get on with everyone and anyone, and love nothing more than being surrounded by friends and family.



Nobel, reserved and independent, you’re a Tibetan mastiff! Patient and sophisticated, you enjoy your own company – but that doesn’t mean you’re not a gentle, loyal friend.



Calm and mellow, you’re an Irish wolfhound! With a kindly disposition and dignified manner, you’re affectionate and down to earth and are at your happiest relaxing at home with family and friends.



Which dog breed were you?! Let us know in the comments section below…