Does your knowledge of this epic, action-packed romance go on and on – and on? Find out with our Titanic quiz…


How did you do? Here’s some extra trivia about the movie…


– The scenes set in 1912 last a total of two hours, 40 minutes – the exact length of time it took for the Titanic to sink.

– The collision with the iceberg took 37 seconds – which is how long the collision was reported as lasting when the ship struck.

– Knowing she’d have to take her clothes off in a scene with Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet flashed him before filming to, er, break the ice.

– The movie was so popular, Paramount had to send out replacement film reels to cinemas that had worn theirs out.

– The Titanic cost $7.5million to build – the equivalent to about $150million at the date of the fim’s release in 1997.