Conical boobs, sex books and naughty lyrics, Madonna is a performer with no inhibitions. But how well do you know the star’s sexy side? See if you can remember the lyrics of Madonna’s sexiest songs…



Now for the answers…

1. The back of your hand somewhere on my behind

2. Make love

3. In Paris

4. Some kind stranger’s lips

5. KFC – Colonel Sanders says it best, Finger lickin’ good

6. Because you can eat all you want without getting fat

7. On her breast

8. Checking out other people’s hot bodies

9. Raw sugar

10. Because you are wearing clothes for once

11. Tanqueray gin

12. When they’re in the nude

13. Coming first

14. 6

15. Alain Delon

16. A spanking

17. Because she tastes like alcohol

18. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

19. Truth or dare

20. Chopsticks

21. Until the bed breaks

22. A pearl necklace


And in case you’re wondering, this is what Alain Delon looks like…

Screen shot from youtube

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