Conical boobs, sex books and naughty lyrics, Madonna is a performer with no inhibitions. But how well do you know the star’s sexy side? See if you can remember the lyrics of Madonna’s sexiest songs…



Here’s the questions…

1. Right at the very start of 1990’s Hanky Panky, the kitsch, swing-number that was taken from the Dick Tracy-inspired album, I’m Breathless, Madonna sings –

Some girls, they like candy, and others, they like to grind…

But what does Madonna say she’ll settle for in the very next line of the song?


2. Justify My Love was a 1990 single taken from Madonna’s first greatest hits package, the Immaculate Collection. In the song, she states she’d like to do what while on-board a cross-country train?


3. And where, in the same song, does she say she’d like to kiss you?


4. In 1992, Madonna upped the ante on the raunch front with the release of her album, Erotica.  The same year, she published her book, Sex. In Sex, Madonna posed for several revealing photos with Vanilla Ice. Of all people. Bad Girl is a track from the Erotica album in which Madonna sings she’s ‘drunk by six’. After which she kisses whom, or what?


5. In Where Life Begins, Madonna uses the slogan of which famous fast food chain to describe the pleasures of oral sex?


6. And why, according to the song, is oral sex a good meal substitute?


7. In the song Did You Do It?, Madonna describes driving through Central Park West. She says she has one hand on the wheel of her car. But where is her other hand?


8. During her rap in the 2003 song American Life, Madonna admits to doing what during yoga and pilates classes?


9. Madonna describes her body as many types of sweets in the song Candy Shop, from the 2008 album, Hard Candy. What kind of sugar does she say she’s made of?


10. In her 2009 single, Celebration, Madonna says she doesn’t recognise you. Why?


11. Girl Gone Wild was the second single from the 2012 album, MDNA. In it, Madonna says she’s gone wild as a result of drinking what?


12. According to the song Some Girls, also from MDNA, when do some girls feel most hot?


13. In the same song, Madonna says that some girls like to call the shots by doing what during sex?


14. And how many times does Madonna sing the words ‘wet dream’ in Some Girls?


15. The song Beautiful Killer sees Madonna praising her lover’s good looks. But at the end of the track, she says her lover will never be as sexy as which French actor?


16. What does Madonna say she wants for her birthday in the MDNA track B-Day Song?


17. Holy Water from 2015’s album Rebel Heart is another Madonna song about oral sex. But why does Madonna suggest that oral sex with her is particularly satisfying?


18. What does Madonna want you to do in return for showing you ‘hers’ in the song Inside Out?


19. In the same song, what game does she suggest playing?


20. During the song S.E.X., also from the Rebel Heart album, Madonna states her interest in latex, golden showers and bars of soap. She also suggests using which item of cutlery as a sex aid?


21. She says in S.E.X. that she likes doing it until when?


22. And what is the item of jewellery Madonna is most likely to be wearing during a steamy sesh, according to the same song?

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