We've taken the nation's favourite telly programmes and hidden one of the characters. Can you name who's missing?



How did you get on? Warning includes lots of random 80s references…

9/9: Coming up on top as usual and winning like a Norman Stanley Fletcher.

8/9: Well done a very good score now go and sort Compo out with his contraption to woo Nora Batty.

7/9: A creditable tally ho keeping up the high society like Lady FForbes-Hamilton

6/9: A well served total. Mrs Slocombe and her pussy would be very proud.

5/9: A middling Wolfie Smith, ‘Power to the People getting average scores in a quiz’.

4/9: Like a slightly disappointing chalet maid Peggy you’ll never get a yellow coat.

3/9: An awkward disapproving Hyacinth Bucket. Go and organise a candle lit supper.

2/9: A bit Billy Boswell, grandad wants his pudding.

1/9: Hello Baldrick not a very cunning score.

What do you mean where’s Terry and June, One Foot In The Grave, or to be slighty more up to date, The IT Crowd,  The Office, Peep Show, Father Ted…they’re for another quiz!