Click on the videos below to hear a foreign-language version of a famous song. Now, name the English-language version of the song, and the person who recorded it. Answers revealed at the end. Good luck!


Name that song!

1. Le Moribund by Jacques Brel (France, 1962)


2. Mikä Fiilis by Mona Carita (Finland, 1983)


3. Şımarık by Tarkan (Turkey, 1997)


4. Ce que je suis by Ophélie Winter (France, 1998)


5. Brændt by Lis Sørensen (Denmark, 1993)


6. El Casbah by Rachid Taha (Algeria, 2004)


7. Marie douceur, Marie colère by Marie Laforêt (France, 1966)


8. Käy ohitsein by Laila Kinnunen (Finland, 1974)


9. L’amour, c’est comme une cigarette by Sylvie Vartan (France, 1987)


10. Quand j’ai peur de tout by Patricia Kaas (France, 1997)


11. Gehn Wie Ein Ägypter by Die Ärzte (Germany 1987)


12. S Novum Godum by Strelki (Russia, 2008)

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