How many of these extremely famous actors do you recognise from their early film roles? The answers are all on the following page!



So, how well did you do?


1. The cute lad grew up to be a Hobbit and went on a big adventure in the Lord of The Rings trilogy and has appeared in no end of other big screen hits. It is, of course, Elijah Wood.

2.  Blondie is now James Bond – yes, our Daniel Craig’s come a long way since his days in King Arthur’s Court.

3.  Did you recognise the actor who’s played everything from cult character Donnie Darko, to a controversial gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. It’s none other than Jake Gyllenhaal.

4. He’s still playing characters not to be tangled with – it’s Hollywood action hero Jean Claude Van Damme.

5. Fancy having to play a boy as your first role! Well, her dad was directing the film so she didn’t have a choice! The baby grew up to be actor/director Sofia Coppola.

6. From the Bourne trio to the Oceans movies and more, Matt Damon’s certainly picked up a lot of screen time since Mystic Pizza!

7. In her movie debut, she ended up being tormented by a Leprechaun in the cult horror flick, but Jennifer Aniston’s since found cinema fame and lots of Friends on the small screen too!

8. So he ended up as a fountain of gore in his first major movie role, but thank goodness that was all just make-believe as we’ve been ogling Johnny Depp on screen ever since!

9. Since he played that serious frat boy who gets caught up in a food fight, he’s been an astronaut in outer space in Apollo 13, a murderous mutant scientist in X Men: First Class and numerous other characters too… We even love Kevin Bacon on TV adverts… AND he plays in a band called The Bacon Boys with his brother!

10. We know Lars was just the character he was playing but the yummy, scrummy Ryan Gosling has certainly matured in a very pleasing way over the last few years on screen! And here’s a picture to prove he looks good even when he’s rocking dyed-blond hair and dodgy tattoos as a stunt motorbike rider in The Place Beyond The Pines.

Ryan Gosling in The Place Beyond the Pines



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