How many of these extremely famous actors do you recognise from their early film roles? The answers are all on the following page!



1. Video Game Boy

Video Game boy in Back to the Future II

This famous actor may still be fairly diminutive, but he was definitely a little cutie way back then when he gave Marty McFly a few words of advice in Back To The Future Part II. Who did he grow up to be?


2. Master Kane

Master Kane in a scene from A Kid In King Arthur's Court

The costume this famous actor is wearing may be a million miles away from what we’re used to seeing him in now, but his blond locks are already catching the eye in A Kid In King Arthur’s Court. So who is the blond bombshell?


3. Danny Robbins

Billy Crystal's character's son in City Slickers

In this film, City Slickers, this lad’s screen dad, played by Billy Crystal, rode off into the wilds, but our famous actor grew up to ride in a far more out there way! So who is he?


4. Gay Karate Man

Gay Karate Man caharcter in Monaco Forever

Scary face there! This famous actor played totally against type here in offbeat comedy Monaco Forever. He’s now definitely a Hollywood hunk, so do you recognise him?


5. Michael Francis Rizzi

Baby being christened in The Godfather

Now this is difficult – can you recognise who’s playing Michael’s godson in The Godfather… The actor went on to appear in all three Godfather films in various roles and is now also known as a director.


6. Steamer

Steamer in Mystic Pizza

In Mystic Pizza, this super-famous actor plays the younger brother of Julia Roberts’ character’s boyfriend. He appeared in just one scene here, but he’s since starred in mega-selling film franchises. So who’s the lad with the quiff then?


7. Tory Reding

Tory in the film Leprechaun

You know how it is, you turn up at a broken-down shack in the middle of nowhere with your boyfriend and suddenly a malicious leprechaun turns up to torment you. Leprechaun has since turned into a bit of a cult horror flick, but who is this actress making her big screen debut?


8. Glen Lanz

Glen Lanz in Nightmare on Elm Street

Glen here in A Nightmare On Elm Street obviously has no idea the gory fate that awaits him once he comes face to face with Freddy Krueger. Since then, he’s been voted the sexiest man alive and has graced the screens in many a blockbuster… So who is he?


9. Chip Diller

Chip in the film Animal House

Now here’s a strict chap, who doesn’t fit in with the obnoxious frat boys in Animal House. Seems to have fitted in well in the film industry over the years that followed, having acted a huge variety of roles both on the large and small screen. But who is he?


10. Lars Lindstrom

Ryan Gosling in Lars and the REal Girl

This is one of our favourite famous actors now, but don’t think quite as many fans would fancy him in his role of Lars in Lars And The Real Girl if this look is anything to go by. But do you know which Hollywood heartthrob he turned into?


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