Are you a tough nut like Phil, a feisty businesswoman like Janine or a loveable gossip like Dot? To find out which EastEnders character you are, cast your mince pies over our quiz...


Which EastEnders character are you? To find out, answer A, B, C, D or E to each question below, and make a note of how many of each letter you pick. Tot up which letter you selected the most, then check out your results at the end…


Q Let’s imagine things have gotten out of hand, and you’ve murdered someone. How did you do it?

A I shot ‘em, then ran away to the coast with my ex-con fella.

B I manipulated the babysitter into doing it for me…

C It happened by accident, I thought I was helping!

D I beat ‘em to death with me fists.

E I took the rap for my stepson – it wasn’t me!


Q You’ve just found some saucy texts on your partner’s mobile. You react by:

A Getting bladdered on vodka and passing out on a bench.

B Vowing to ruin both of their lives…

C Ooh er, what are ‘texts’?

D I’d threaten whoever had sent the texts in barely-audible, hoarse whispers.

E I’m used to it, so I’d move on and eventually forgive and forget.


Q As your an EastEnders character, you’re a Cockney. Your favourite rhyming slang is:

A ‘I’m Brahms and Liszt.’ (I’m pi**ed)

B ‘I ain’t no tea leaf!’ (I am not a thief!)

C ‘Fancy a slice of give and take?’ (Would you like some cake?)

D ‘You’re brown bread!’ (You’re dead!)

E ‘My husband’s a load of Barney Rubble.’ (My husband’s a lot of trouble)


Q Where would you work on Albert Square?

A Behind the bar, of course!

B I run my own company – my staff do most of the work for me.

C In the launderette, where I can have a natter with the customers.

D Down the garage, where it’s easier to conduct shady deals…

E At one of my husband’s family businesses.


Q On a Friday night, you are usually:

A Down the pub.

B Seducing a millionaire.

C Enjoying a nice cuppa and a slice of Battenburg.

D Doing dodgy deals down the Arches.

E Having a glass of wine with the girls.


Q When it comes to relationships:

A I may look tough, but I fall in love easily.

B They have to be financially rewarding.

C I’m committed to my partner for life.

D I’m an unlikely hit with the opposite sex…

E Despite our difficulties, I keep trying to make things work.


Q Mates describe you as:

A A brash and brassy

B An ice queen, shrewd and clever

C Wise, kind and patient

D Bold and loyal

E Motherly, helpful, fun


Q Your arch enemy on the Square is:

A Linda Carter

B Kat Moon

C I don’t ‘av any

D Anyone who crosses me or my family

E Depending on my mood, my husband


Q What are you most likely to say to someone?

A I’m sorry! Please forgive me (again).

B You have to sign a prenup.

C Oh my lord!

D You wanna watch your mouth…

E Stand by your man!


Q You fancy someone, how do you get their attention?

A Tell them, “I fancy you” and buy them a shot.

B Flash them a winning smile and invite them back to yours…

C I’m already married – ’til death us to part.

D Get off with them in the Arches.

E Invite them over to do some decorating, and flirt listening to 80s pop music.



If you picked mostly:


You are Shirley Carter

Bold, feisty and never afraid to speak your mind, you’ve an adventurous streak that can sometimes land you in hot water. But deep down, you’re a big softie, and can be easily hurt. You’re super loyal to your family, and though you’ve made mistakes, you deserve a second chance.


You are Janine Butcher

Shrewd, highly intelligent and a first-class charmer when you need to be, you know what you want and you know how to get it – and woe betide anyone who gets in your way! You look after number one, and just hate it when you get caught doing something you shouldn’t.


You are Dot Branning

Wise, kind and caring, you’re the one everyone goes to with their problems for a nice cup of tea, a biccie and a chat. You’re a great listener and have the patience of a saint, and always give the best advice. Everything you’ve done, you’ve done with the best intentions – and you feel terrible if things go wrong when you thought you were doing the right thing.


You are Phil Mitchell

Fiercely protective of your family, you’re the toughest nut around, and don’t people know it! Enemies beware… You’re magnetism makes you a hit with the opposite sex, and your success in running your own businesses brings in the dosh, allowing you to hire the best lawyers when things go wrong…


You are Jane Beale

Kind and caring with a feisty streak, all you’ve ever wanted was a family and children of your own. You’re great fun around your mates, and your kids adore your motherly personality. Your partner can be a bit of a pain sometimes, but you’re always able to defuse situations and sort out compromises.