Are you a Cockney Lemon Squeezer or a southern Sexton Blake? Try our rhyming slang quiz and demonstrate you've got the lowdown on the lingo.


Take the quiz then check your Cockney score below…


How did you do?

Below 5: You’ve got a bit of Gregory Peck if you think you can fool anyone born within the sound of Bow Bells – you’re an absolute Lilley & Skinner – time to drown your sorrows at the Near & Far!

Score 6-10: Think you’re a bit of a Bengal Lancer when it comes to the lingo –  now just get down the Battle Cruiser for a bit more practice!

Score 11-15: So you’re not a Steam Tug with the Cockney slang, so head to the Nuclear Sub and treat yourself to a few Britney Spears!

Score 16-20: You’re definitely got Bottle & Glass – a diamond geezer, the cat’s Brothers & Sisters, you could give Danny Dyer a run for his Bread & Honey – head straight to the Jack Tar and celebrate with a few Pigs Ears!

*And if you were wondering…

Lemon Squeezer = Geezer. Sexton Blake = Fake.

Gregory Peck = Neck. Lilley & Skinner = Beginner. Near & Far + Bar.

Bengal Lancer = Chancer. Battle Cruiser = Boozer.

Steam Tug = Mug. Nuclear Sub = Pub. Britney Spears = Beers.

Bottle & Glass = Class. Brothers & Sisters = Whiskers. Bread & Honey = Money.  Jack Tar = Bar. Pigs Ears – Beers.