Reckon you could correctly name the relevant actors and actresses if you were told the films and tv programs they've starred in? Well, why not test your knowledge with our fun quiz...


Can you name the well-known actors and actresess from the clues below?

How did you get on with our actors and actresses quiz?

100% – You’re a TV and Film expert. Bring back Telly Addicts with Noel Edmonds, you really know your stuff!

80-90% – Very good. Which ones tripped you up from being a perfect score?

60-70% – Not bad at all you’ll be very useful in the pub quiz team. Presuming they do a round about 70s, 80s ,90s and 00s TV and film!

40-50% – Some good knowledge, but you’re no couch potato. You’ll certainly never get square eyes!

20-30% – You need to subscribe to What’s on TV to brush up a bit.

10% – Have you lost the remote? Has the TV gone back to Radio Rentals?

0% – I’m guessing the radio is more your thing, or you live in the Outer Hebrides!


What are your favourite shows and stars? Let us know in the comments below…