It's hard to believe that it's been over 35 years since he hit the big time. His albums still take pride of place in our music collections but there are SO many other things we love about Adam Ant.

1. The Ants

Of course we like every album that he has released over the years, but the ones with the Ants are still our favourites. It’s how we discovered him after all!

2. The sound

From the tribal drums to his distinctive tone, we couldn’t get enough of Adam Ant’s unique style! Firmly wedged somewhere between post-punk and 80s new wave pop, his sound is sheer musical genius.

3. His fashion sense

We were mesmerised by the swashbuckling clothes that Adam and the Ants wore. The skin-tight leather trousers, feathers and military coats changed the way we looked at fashion forever.

Rex Features

Rex Features

4. The iconic makeup

We tried SO hard to copy his highwayman white stripe and Prince Charming makeup. We never did get it right though…

5. The gibberish

We loved the daft lyrics. Anyone who manages to get yabba-yabba-ding-ding into a song should get a medal!

6. The music

From Kings of the Wild Frontier to Manners and Physique and Wonderful we loved it all (and still do!)

adam ant album covers2

7. The weirder album tracks

We will always remember the first time we discovered tracks like Cajun Twisters and Spanish Games.

8. The videos

We couldn’t get enough of the videos! Whether it was Puss in Boots or Stand and Deliver we were glued to the telly every time they were played, which was NEVER enough.

9. That dance

We spent hours perfecting the moves. The dance for Prince Charming will be forever etched in our minds!

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.41.45

10. His work with Marco Pirroni

Adam Ant co-wrote some of our all time favourite songs with guitarist Marco Pirroni. Thanks guys!

11. His name

We love that he decided to call himself Adam Ant. Stuart and the Ants just doesn’t sound as good!

12. His looks

Of course it’s not the only reason we fell in love with him, but there’s no doubt his stunning looks got out attention!

Rex Features

Rex Features

13. His acting career

He is definitely a man of many talents! We loved it when he popped up in Northern Exposure.