There are moves that can be life-changing in many ways.

1. The corner shop

…taken for granted in a town or city. In the country ‘to pop to the shops’ is a wholly different proposition bike ride, bus ride or car ride!

2. Neighbours

You actually used to talk to them in the countryside! Well you did make them Godmother and Godfather to your children!

3. Medical care

A hospital within a few miles. The luxury of medical assistance. In the back of behind this requires planning… so if possible make sure you’re sick near somewhere populated!

4. Gangs

…not really a problem in the hills and valleys unless they’re sheep!



5. Unlocked doors

Not quite as common these days but once you could leave your door open in the countryside and not be expected to be cleaned out.

6. Small schools

Primary schools with as few children as 20! A teacher per five pupils! You’ll be choosing from 20 schools in the city!



7. Up to date fashion

With shops a good distance away, fashion and trends took quite a while to filter to the outback,  now you’re spoilt for choice. What mullets are not in fashion anymore? Actually this has come full circle… who knows what’s fashionable anymore?



8. Mobile reception

It works in the corner of the box bedroom or up the hill out at the back… two miles! Now you have a pylon outside your window!

9. Current music

Have you heard Def Leppard have a new album out. What about that new group called Five Star they’re going to be massive! The music circuit is now on the doorstep… have you heard of Leg Puppy yet?

10. Mobile services

Wednesday night is fish and chip night, the mobile van snakes around the countryside ready to serve hungry country folk. It crosses paths with mobile libraries, hairdressers and butchers! Wednesday night in the city by contrast consists of a whole world of cuisine options delivered to your door.

11. Snowed in

YES! the school bus can’t get through! Day off! No chance in the city unless the pipes have frozen… or the teachers have long commutes.



12. Farmers

If you’re not stuck behind a tractor, its a road full of cows going to milking! This is now swapped to too many cars and buses causing jams and congestion!


13. Football

Who did you used to support? Manchester United, Middlesbrough, Exeter or Norwich it doesn’t really matter they’re all miles away. Perhaps you supported your local team… well you did used to the full back!

14. Green space

…or any space! Get used to a lack of that when you’ve moved from the countryside. Small gardens and parks to be shared is your compromise.

15. Job choice

A world of opportunity has opened up. Your selection before was a very rural vocation. Now you can be Mayor!

16. Anonymity

You are now just another person rushing around…where as before you were once ‘a face’ in the village local!

17. Natures alarm clock

Out goes cockerels and cows… in comes ambulances, car horns and late night shouting matches!




Pros and cons. Which do you prefer!?