We all love a bit of sport on the Telly, but which is your favourite theme tune?

1. Superstars

Brian Jacks doing a zillion squat thrusts anyone?


2. Match of the day

Jumpers for goal posts… isn’t it…


3. Junior Kickstart

When the only way to watch people falling off a motorbike and hurting their goolies was by watching Junior Kickstart. Geesh…. kids today have it so easy with the internet.


4. World of sport


Dickie Davies‘ eyes were on the wrestling. Saturday afternoon with Big Daddy versus Giant Haystacks! Brilliant!


5. BBC Formula One

Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain providing the tooon!


6. Ski Sunday


The classic version here. I dare you not to take the stance of a skier while listening!


7. Grandstand

Watch out for the drum boing when the boxer gets knocked out. Classic! And all the ladies loved a bit of Des.


8. Wimbledon

Q. What time did Sean Connery get to Wimbledon?

A. Tennish.


9. Cricket

When they go out they’re in and when they get out they have to go in. Here’s some hilarious commentary where the legendary Brian Johnston & Jonathan Agnew lose it live on air..


10. BBC athletics

Stirring music for the running and jumping.


11. Golf

Personally I think it’s a good walk spoilt. But if you’re into hours and hours of televised sky…


12. The Big Match 1974-1980

With no less than six theme tunes to pick from we’ve gone for the two we think are the classics. Here from 1979…


13. The Big Match 1980-1986

… and here when shorts were short!


14. Snooker

Unmistakable music for those potty about snooker.


15. Saint and Greavsie

Banter? Innit? hmm.


16. We are the Champions

From Wilmslow Leisure Centre! ALWAYS wanted to get on this just to do the bit at the end and jump in the swimming pool!


17. Darts

Rocking bassline for the pub athletes.


So, which is your favourite?