It seems 2016's the year that keeps on taking. The nation's soap fans are mourning the recent passing of Coronation Street actress Jean Alexander, AKA the legendary Hilda Ogden. Here’s our list of Corrie Greats we’d love to see wander down the cobbles and into The Rovers Return once more.

Now the world’s longest running soap opera, it’s hard to choose between Coronation Street’s most missed characters, but here goes, chucks…

1. Deirdre Barlow


Actress Anne Kirkbride played the beloved Deirdre for 42 years. When Anne sadly passed away, the nation mourned the loss of one of soap’s most iconic leading ladies. No-one could pull off those glasses like Deirdre, except, perhaps, her mother Blanche…

2. Hayley Cropper

The first transgender character in British soap, Hayley made history, as well as buttering dozens of butties in Roy’s Rolls. Viewers were left in turmoil when the character passed away in 2014.

3. Vera and Jack Duckworth

PA Archive/Press Association Images

PA Archive/Press Association Images

This pair have to go together! The power couple of Corrie, they were the nation’s sweethearts as Jack tended to his pigeons, and we lost count of the times that rotten son Terry broke his mother’s heart…

4. Hilda Ogden

Rex Features

Rex Features

Curler-topped cleaner Hilda left the street in 1987, and her humour’s been missed ever since. Often acclaimed as Britain’s greatest ever soap character, she brought a wry wit that’s never quite been recaptured. Tributes have poured in since actress Jean Alexander died, age 90, on 14 October 2016.

5. Bet Lynch

PA Archive/Press Association Images

PA Archive/Press Association Images

The earrings! The leopard print! The peroxide blonde do! The Rovers Return has never seen such a glamorous, no-nonsense landlady as Bet since her departure in 2003.

6. Fred Elliott

Everyone wishes they had a friendly local butcher like roly-poly Fred, with his endearing habit of repeating every sentence twice. ‘I say, I say…’

7. Raquel Watts

She was the ditsy blonde who stole Curly’s and the nation’s hearts. She brought out the romantic in Curly when he had a star named after her, and who can forget her French lesson with Ken Barlow? Actress Sarah Lancashire’s since made her mark on crime drama Happy Valley, but we’d love to see Raquel’s high heels clatter down the cobbles again!

8. Mavis Wilton

Rex Features / ITV ARCHIVE

Rex Features / ITV ARCHIVE

Working behind the counter in The Cabin with Rita, they were a comedy duo made in soap heaven. But when her on-screen hubby Derek died suddenly in 1997, the actress Thelma Barlow soon departed. Apparently, show bosses have made numerous approaches for her return, but Thelma’s politely declined. It’s not confirmed if she did so saying, ‘I don’t really know…’

9. Richard Hillman

The menace of Weatherfield, Gail once famously described him as ‘Norman Bates with a briefcase’. No doubt he was a wrong’un, but we’d love to see him brought back from the dead to terrorize Corrie’s residents once more.