Come on (pun intended) fellas, do you know your framing from your orbiting? According to saucy new sex-ed website OMGYes, dedicated to the female orgasm, here's how to hit the button every time! (PS: Do actually be a bit more gentle with the button!)

NB: Contains graphic content


1. Accenting

OK, boys and girls, so it’s all about the big C – the clitoris. There, now we’ve got it out there, don’t be afraid…just give it some sweet loving. Accenting means treating different areas of the clitoris in different ways. For example, some women like one side getting attention more than the other.  She’ll let you know if you’ve hit the right spot at the right time.

2. Layering

Orgasm: layer cake


And now the science bit… Notebooks at the ready! The skin around the clitoris is like a soft blanket, with several layers to touch. Most women prefer being touched through the soft, surrounding layers rather than just going for the bullseye.

3. Edging

Sometimes there’s nothing more horny than the old stop…start…stop…start technique… Repeatedly approaching climax, then preventing it, can build more intense orgasms for 65 per cent of women. Take her to the edge…then over it…

4. Framing

Orgasm: woman making frame with fingers


Girls, don’t be a try-hard. In research, many women say thinking too much about having an orgasm can stop them having one. Framing means switching off… Frankie say relax.

5. Consistency

There’s nothing more frustrating than when he’s doing something amazing to you and you’re nearly there – then he goes and changes tack! Guys, if you feel she’s nearly reaching orgasm, stick with what you’re doing and…bingo! (Though you’ll probably both find it’s even more fun than bingo.)

6. Orbiting

Orgasm: planets orbiting


The wheels on the bus go round and round. As do the planets. And, fellas, so should your fingers or tongue. Eight out of 10 women crave some sort of continuous, circular motion around the clitoris.

7. Hinting

Don’t go there…just hint. Build the moment by moving towards that sensitive sweet spot but not actually touching it.

8. Rhythm

Orgasm: maracas


Get into the groove! A good rhythmic loop of motion gets us girls more in tune than random here and there movements. Mind you, we all dance to a different beat, so listen carefully to work out what rhythm we like.

9. Multiples

Yup, us girls lucked out here – we can be ready to go again in minutes, unlike you lads who need a snooze and a curry between comings and goings. But please bear in mind that straight after orgasm, the clitoris is supersonic-sensitive… What worked just now might hurt like billy-o now! To go again, move on to something new…

10. Surprise

Orgasm: surprised chicken


We all love a tasty change now and then…and seven out of 10 women want stimulation to be non-repetitive at some stage on the way to the big O. And you can surprise us most of all by making us a nice cup of tea afterwards, rather than rolling over and nodding off…


There’s lots more to it, of course… Click here to check out the brilliant, no-holds barred website, OMGYes, for yourself. Even actress Emma Watson has come out as saying she’s a big fan… 

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