You might not have chosen her - but you definitely wouldn't change her.


1. She spent 9 whole months growing you in her belly

… and went through childbirth to have you. That’s commitment – and something absolutely no-one else could ever do for you.

2. She taught you pretty much everything you know

She spent HOURS teaching you how to do everything from use a spoon to go to the toilet. I suppose the least we can do to repay her is show her how to upload photos to ‘The Facebook’…

3. She always knows what your thinking – even before you do

You have the same genes so you’re basically just a younger version of her – and therefore she will always understand what’s going on inside your head.

4. She always goes above and beyond to help you

Honestly, nothing is too much trouble. Need a lift in the middle of the night? She’s on it – and she’ll probably bring you a jumper and a cuppa too.

5. She shares your clothes

Which can be a bit annoying – but at least you always know you can raid her wardrobe too!

6. She knows all your favourite meals (and just how you like them)

Only your mum knows just what you want to eat after a rough day – and more than that, she knows all your little quirks – just like that you like your pizza just a little bit burnt.

7. She will drop EVERYTHING if you need her

Just one text and she will come running – you know you can always rely on her on everything from stain removal to relationship problems.

8. She always treats you and your siblings fairly

Even though you might joke that you’re her favourite – you know she really does love you all the same.

9. She will always forgive you

No matter how many rows you’ve had, no matter how mean you were when that naughty PMT turned you into a monster,  she always forgives and forgets.

10. She always gives you an honest opinion

Whether it’s about your haircut or your new bloke, you can guarentee she will tell you exactly what she thinks. It might not be what you want to hear – but mum (normally) really does know best!

11. She’s the best cook

How comes even when you cook EXACTLY the same thing it never tastes as good as when she makes it?!

12. She always knows the right thing to say

And never makes you feel stupid or unimportant – no matter how small your problem might be.

13. She still holds grudges against people that upset you years ago

You might have forgiven that girl for calling you names in Year 4 – but your mum would still probably blank her in Sainsbury’s.

14. She’s always at the end of the phone

And because you know that – you freak out if she doesn’t reply to your text within 10 minutes. What could she POSSIBLY be doing that’s more important than you?!

15. She ALWAYS listens

And lets you just ramble on about random things for hours, until you finally pause for breath to ask, ‘sorry Mum, how’re you?’.

16. She has the answer to every medical condition going

It’s basically just like having your own GP at home or at the end of the phone.

17. She knows all of your darkest secrets

Even that REALLY embarrassing thing you did when you were 13. And you know that she’d never tell a soul.

18. She’s your biggest cheerleader and fan

When things aren’t going too well, she’s always there to tell you that you’re the best. And when they are – you can guarentee that she’s straight on the phone to her friends to let them know!

19. She’s your rock

Even when it seems like the whole world is against you – your mum is always there for you.


Mum – you’re the best <3