Photographs of your dinner, announcing to the world the status of your relationship, posting endless pics of your kids…Facebook is often flooded with various cries of attention. But according to analysts, your Facebook profile can actually reveal a lot about your true personality. So what does yours say about you?


1. Are most of your posts about intellectual topics such as politics?

Analysts believe people who post intellectual statuses, about current affairs for example, are open, curious and creative types. They seek less social interaction and prefer to post about impersonal things rather than their own private lives. They’re comfortable in their own skin and confident, but also quite private people.

2. Do you mainly post about achievements, diet and exercise?

Analysts believe those who do are narcissists who seek attention and validation from others. They’re happiest when they receive a high number of likes as it makes them feel socially accepted. Narcissists can be quite vain and crave attention in order to feel successful.



3. Are your Facebook statuses few and far between and mainly about your partner or family?

Conscientious users don’t seem to post very regularly, but when they do it’s often about their family. They’re naturally vigilant people who are careful not to over share. They’re also considered to be organised and efficient in their every day lives.

4. Are you the queen of selfies and constantly uploading pictures of yourself?

Analysts believe this makes you self absorbed and vain. However, it can also suggest you’re very insecure and need people to comment and boost your ego. Those who post several of the same picture, at different angles, are thought to be perfectionists who crave admiring comments from friends.



5. Do you mainly post statuses about your partner, or publicly post a message directly to your partner?

Analysts believe users who do this frequently have low self-esteem. Their posts seem to get the least amount of likes from other users and it can make them unlikeable. They appear absorbed in their own relationship and like to create the impression that they have a perfect relationship, although often it’s not the case.