Because nothing says "I'll love you forever" like dressing up as Batman for your bride!

There's a lot to be said for a classic-style wedding – if you're utterly BORING, that is. These couples decided to take an alternative route, and you know what? We've got to admire them. (Apart from the guy who married himself. That's just sad.)


Zero-G wedding

A couple should be walking on air on the day of their wedding, and this was literally the case for a pair of New Yorkers who decided to get hitched in zero gravity. They paid £10,000 to tie the knot on board a special plane that stimulates the weightlessness of space by doing sudden dives through the air. Floating like astronauts, they then exchanged rings containing bits from a 30,000-year-old meteorite. Air sick bags were apparently not required.

I take me to be my lawfully wedded wife

Worried you’ll never meet the right person? Well don’t worry, you can always marry yourself. That really is what a chap in China did, gathering together 100 friends and family so he could get hitched to a cardboard cut-out of himself wearing a red dress. “There are many reasons for marrying myself,” he explained, “but mainly to express my dissatisfaction with reality.”

Holy wedding ceremony, Batman!

Now, let’s not be too nerdy about this but in the comics Wonder Woman and Batman weren’t much of an item – she usually had eyes for Superman only. But one UK couple threw caution to the wind by dressing up as the Amazon goddess and the Caped Crusader for their wedding. Friends and family didn’t let the side down, with The Incredibles, Supergirl, Kick-Ass and even a Joker in attendance. Ka-pow!

A very catty bride

We’re not sure whether this is really sweet or really creepy, but a man in Germany married his own asthmatic cat when he learned she was dying. The only snag was that nobody official would handle the ceremony, so he had to pay an actress to conduct the nuptials.  “At first I thought it was a joke,” she said later. “But for Mr Mitzscherlich it’s a dream come true.”

A marathon ceremony

When running a marathon, you’d be lucky to think about anything other than “Water oh god where’s the water my legs hurt so bad”.  But a couple managed to actually tie the knot mid-way through the New York City marathon, while another runner kept up alongside them to conduct the ceremony. Gives new meaning to the phrase runaway bride.

A fiery romance

Everyone’s got a wedding check list. Cake, check. Dress, check. Buffet, check. Fire-breathing unicorn, check. Well, that’s what a US couple wanted for their extravagant ceremony, and they got it thanks to some friends who are “seriously talented fire geeks” (?!). Created from an ex-carousel horse, their “wedding unicorn” sneezed glitter, pee’d lemonade, and shot fire from its horn. Oh, and it was called Katy Perry. Just because.

Snake charmer

Snakes are famed for their seductive qualities – just ask Eve – but a woman in India took her relationship to the next level when she decided to marry a serpent she’d fallen in love with. Over 2,000 people attended the ceremony, which involved an epic procession. To make things even odder, the snake himself wasn’t there, so she actually got hitched to a brass snake sculpture instead.

Water way to get married

Some like the idea of a quaint chapel. Others fancy a wedding on a beach. But one couple decided the absolute best place to tie the knot was… a divers’ training tank in Scotland. Usually used to test underwater equipment, it hosted the bizarre ceremony which saw the bride, groom, best man and bridesmaid all decked out in deep sea diving helmets and oxygen tanks. The groom’s kilt and bride’s dress were weighed down to protect their modesty.

Marriage to the Maxx 

Chances are you’ve nipped into TK Maxx to take advantage of their deals. But chances also are you never thought “You know what, this would make THE perfect wedding venue”. A love-struck US pair beg to differ, having made their vows in their local branch. To be specific, in the shoe department. During work hours, as baffled shoppers wandered by. Who says romance is dead?

Naked nuptials

Here’s a dilemma for you: you win a radio competition and the prize is an all expenses paid wedding ceremony. The only condition is… you have to get hitched naked. For an Aussie couple it was a no-brainer, and they gamely went ahead with the bride only wearing a veil and a few bits to cover her private parts, while the groom was starkers except for a hat to hold on his groin. The guests were all fully clothed, and presumably doing their very best not to completely fall about in hysterics throughout the whole entire thing.

This list was originally published on TLC.