Forget the three Rs – these days, it seems you can study whatever you fancy at college! (And, no, it's not ONLY in America...)


1. David Beckham, Staffordshire Uni

Weird university courses: David Beckham

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A module within the the BA in Sports, Media and Culture. Included a study of his hair, how he gets on with the missus and his status ‘as the object of a great many fantasies’. Yum – more homework, please!


2. The Simpsons and Philosophy, University of Cailfornia at Berkeley

Described as a ‘fairly rigorous’ philosophical course that asks questions like ‘Can Nietzsche’s rejection of traditional morality justify Bart’s bad behaviour?’ The answer to which is, naturally: ‘Eat my shorts!’


3. Zombie Studies, University of Baltimore

Everything you need to ‘get ready for a zombie apocalypse’… Write horror scripts, watch monster movies and draw your own grave-dwellers. Let’s face it, most students look pretty undead before about 11am…


4. Viking StudiesUniversity College London

weird university courses: Viking


If you’re turned on by studying all things Scandinavian, this’ll give you the right horn…or two! Includes a year in the Norse homelands… (Pillaging optional.)


5. Comedy, University of Salford

It’s no joke – comedian Peter Kay helped launch this degree. You, too, could spend three years learning how to be funny. Like garlic bread, it’s the future…


6. Feel the Force: How to Train in the Jedi Way, Queen’s University, Belfast

Teaches the real-life psychological techniques behind Jedi mind tricks, as well as examining the wider issues behind the Star Wars universe. You may also find out who your father is…


7. Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame, University of South Carolina

weird university courses: Lady Gaga

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Calling all Little Monsters… Here’s how to perfect a Poker Face and run up a sliced-ham frock.


8. Maple Syrup – The Real Thing, Alfred University, New York

Ah, that’s sweet!


9. Foundation Degree Cycling Performance, Writtle College, Chelmsford

The first-ever degree in cycling? On your bike!


10. Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance, Bath Spa University

weird university courses: Clown student


Quit clowning around and gen up on acrobatics, physical theatre, critical reflection and the ‘philosophy of circus’. Course, all the high flyers take the trapeze module…


11. Baking Technology Management, London Southbank University

We blame Mary Berry for this one. You’ll learn not only how to bake the perfect loaf, but also cook up modules in bakery management, business leadership and – the icing on the cake – financial organisation.


12. The Sociology of Miley Cyrus, Skidmore College, New York

Nah, sounds too much like hard twerk to us…


13. Ethical Hacking, University of Abertay, Dundee

weird university courses: monkey using computer


How to break into web servers, steal information and remotely control computers. Sounds like geeky fun, but apparently the whole point is learning how to  STOP hackers…


Would you want to try any of these weird university courses? Let us know…