Here at LDP, when talking about the silly things we thought were true when we were little, two things became clear – that parents fib sometimes and kids are weird! At least we don't still believe these now… (Honest!)


1. ‘My dad always told me that if I ever ate Marmite, a fairy would die.’


2. ‘If my parents were going out for the night and leaving me with the babysitter, they’d say that they’d be back as soon as I could say Jack Robinson. So, I’d say it the second they left, then over and over in my head… Suffice to say, they lied!’


3. ‘Whenever I asked for an ice cream from the van, my Mum would tell me that when they played music it meant that they’d run out.’

things we believed as kids: ice-cream van music meant that they had run out


4. ‘I always thought that the little thing that hangs down at the back of your throat, the uvula, was to separate food and drink.’


5. ‘I thought that in the olden times, the world actually was in black and white. So I asked my mum when she first got to buy coloured clothes.’


6. ‘I used to think that when you went to the cinema, the screen was a big telly and, before you were allowed in, the staff would slot an equally huge video tape into a concealed VCR beneath it.’


7. ‘My mum told me that the stars were made from the sparkly bits you see as fireworks explode, and we had to have Fireworks Day every year to top them up.’

things we believed as kids: stars were made from fireworks


8. ‘My dad’s Cockney accent made me think that one of our local pubs was named after renowned actor Orson Wells. It’s actually called the Horse and Well!’


9. ‘My grandad was called Harold, so I thought the Lord’s Prayer went, “Our Father, who art in Heaven, Harold be thy name.”’


10. ‘I remember believing that “point blank” was a place (as in “he was shot at point blank range”). I couldn’t understand why anyone would go there!’


11. ‘I believed that if you ate the whole apple core, a tree would grow inside you!’

things we believed as kids: ate an apple core tree would grow inside you


12. ‘My dad told me that if I swallowed chewing gum, I would die instantly. Subsequently, one day when I was trying to eat chewing gum and a hot cross bun at the same time, and accidentally swallowed the lot, I burst into tears and wailed, “Am I going to die? I don’t want to die!”‘


13. ‘I used to think that there were really tiny people dancing and singing inside the car stereo, and that that was how the radio worked.’


14. ‘My mum told me that when there was really heavy thunder, it was God moving his furniture around.’

things we believed as kids: thunder was God moving the furniture around



Did you believe anything weird when you were a kid?