Could YOU tell crisp flavours apart without reading the packet first? LifeDeathPrizes! challenged writers, Tanya and Lianne, to try. Watch these quirky crisp flavours put to a blind taste test. It’s crunch time...

The results of our quirky crisp flavours put to a blind taste test are clear… Tanya loves to hate Marmite, and never offer Lianne FISH?! crisps. Ever!

Most Brits love a good crisp, which means manufacturers insist on exploring new ‘exotic’ combinations. It seems classics such as Cheese and Onion, Salt and Vinegar or plain old Ready Salted are deemed too, well, plain. While some newbies on the block are just plain bonkers! From Prosecco and Elderberry (We’re looking at you, Tesco Finest) to ‘Dipped in milk chocolate’ (Lay’s, what are you thinking?) there really are some truly bizarre concoctions…

Here’s a list of some of the most weird and wonderful flavours we’ve spied lately…


1. Scottish Langoustines with Dill & Lemon (M&S)


These beauties are from Marks & Spencer. They’re not just fish…


2. Marmite (Walkers)


Back due to popular demand (evidently, not by our Tanya!)


3. Goats Cheese & Sweet Beetroot Crisps (Aldi)


A veggie delight. The tang’s surprisingly satisfying!


4. Sea Salt and Chardonnay Wine Vinegar (Co-Operative)


Many brands are jumping on the alcohol bandwagon… Please eat responsibly.


5. Flame Grilled Spanish Chorizo with Roasted Onions (Market Deli, from Walkers)


Walkers have released their own posh nosh brand. Delicioso!


6. Vintage Cheddar and Real Ale (Aldi)


More booze? Oh, go on then, just one more…


7. Truffle ‘Chips’ (Tartuflanghe)


Sniff them out! They recently won an Innovation Award, dontcha know…


8. Oyster & Vinegar (Kent Crisps)


Best of British!


9. Pickled Onion (Monster Munch)

REX Features

REX Features

Posh snacks have their place but, for us, nothing will ever top the champion of champions!


Give us your thoughts on these quirky crisp flavours put to a blind taste test. Comment below!