Do you REALLY love to shop? There are some things that will be all too familiar if you're a self-confessed shopaholic.


1. You have clothes with their tags still on

Sometimes they don’t even make it out of the bag!

2. You often lie about how much money you’ve spent

You can’t help it, people don’t need to know the truth…

3. You spend money you don’t have

That dress you can’t live without, but can’t afford right now? You cringe as you pay for it with your credit card.



4. People know you in your fave shops

Sometimes they even know you by name! Hardly surprising, you do spend a significant amount of time and money in them!

5. You often get the guilt sweats

You know the feeling, when you’ve spent WAY too much money!

6. You find it hard to choose what to wear

You have a wardrobe bursting with clothes, but you still feel like you have nothing to wear!

7. Shopping is an activity for you

If shopping were a sport you’d definitely make it to the championships!



8. You can have fun shopping for anything!

A new drill or lawn mower? It doesn’t have to be clothes, you get sucked into ALL kinds shopping.

9. You prefer to shop alone

That way no one can judge you, or get in the way of you buying those gorgeous new shoes.

10. Your internet history snitches on you

All of the open tabs on your laptop or phone are shopping related, and your search history reveals way more about you than you’d like!

11. You buy things just because they’re good value

80% off? I’m having it!



12. You don’t just want things

You NEED them. That new handbag is going to change your life, you just know it.

13. Gift vouchers get spent straight away

Whenever you get money or gift vouchers, you’re desperate to spend them. Finally, you can get those jeans you want totally guilt free!

14. You take up a lot of wardrobe space

You easily take up double the wardrobe space of your partner. They aren’t using it so it’s totally ok, right?

15. Online shopping is a dream

You can shop day or night with no judgments, and when your parcels show up it feels just like Christmas!



16. You spend your life at the post office

The obvious downside of your online shopping addiction is you spend large amounts of your time in the post office returning unwanted purchases.

17. You know the shopping calendar

You know exactly what time of the year shops have their sales. How else can you be first through the door?

18. You’ve travelled for that thing you need

You’ve been known to visit a different town in the hope they have that dress you want.