These handy tips will help you make the more of your camera...


1. Take a moment to think about your frame

Make sure you are happy with everything that’ll be in your photo. There is nothing worse than taking a snap just to find out that there is someone picking their nose in the corner of your photo!

2. Get closer

Don’t zoom in on a subject, just move in closer instead. You’ll get much clearer pictures!

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3. Check your focus

Make sure you are focussed on your friend and not the tree behind her!

4. Keep still

Make sure you keep as still as possible while you are taking a shot. If you are taking pictures in low light without a flash it’ll help if you find something to rest your camera on.

5. Hold your camera properly

You’ll find it easier to keep steady and avoid blurred pictures.

6. Turn your back on the sun

You will get the most evenly lit photos by keeping the sun behind you.

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7. Use the best quality setting

That way you can print them larger or crop them without loosing too much image quality.