Mark Ronson’s song Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars is without doubt a global smash hit. The video has been viewed almost 530 million times on YouTube and has sparked a constant stream of parodies. So as Uptown Funk fever continues, here's five of the best spoof videos...


5. Spoofed by the Bell?!

Drama teacher Scot Pankey from A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Dallas, Texas won plenty of cool points when he led students round the school for an Uptown Funk spoof.

Hits: 12.5 million


4. Golden oldies!

Singer Alex Boye gathered a bunch of senior citizens and dancing grannies to give his spoof a strong dose of old-school cool.

Their ages range from 65 to 92!

Hits: 4.6 million


3. Spoofer-heroes!

Four British lads dressed as Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America and Bumblebee created an Internet storm with their Superhero Uptown Funk spoof.

The performing arts students dance at birthday parties and in village halls for Make My Day Events. Their boss filmed them, uploaded the clip to their Facebook page and the rest his history!

Hits: 30 million


2. Dark Lord Funk

This Harry Potter mash-up can only be described as a work of genius by writer and director Keith Allen, who plays the boy wizard.

This barmy lot have rewritten the lyrics to include every Harry Potter reference possible. You can even sing along with Lord Voldemort.

Hits: 7.3 million


1. Treadmill-tastic

Just watching Carson Dean’s incredible and energetic treadmill dance routine had us diving for the sofa.

Hits: 7.5 million


Which is your favourite Uptown Funk spoof? Let us know in the comments below.