Forget using it to paint your face…who knew that make-up had so many other, far more interesting and unusual uses?!

1. Keep your keyboard clean

Use a make-up wipe to get into all the small spaces on your computer, tablet and smartphone keyboards. It’s just the thing for shifting, dust, dirt, spills – and the inevitable crumbs from your lunch!

2. Hide a tattoo

When you need to disguise a tattoo, just apply red lipstick over the area, conceal with full-coverage concealer and set with powder.

3. Emergency fire starter

Don’t put the lipstick away, as it can – if needs be – double as an emergency fire starter. Granted, not what you really want to use it for, but worth taking this essential make-up item on your next camping trip – just in case!

4. Water a plant

If you’ve away for a few days, just place a wet cosmetic sponge under any precious pot plants to keep them hydrated while you’ve gone.

5. Attract butterflies

Dip a cosmetic sponge into some sugar water, and attach it to a tree with some wire or twine – and sit back and watch as butterflies come to feed.

image of butterflies in a garden


6. Stop jewellery tarnishing

Just paint a thin coat of clear nail polish onto any costume jewellery to help stop it staining your skin a lovely shade of green!

7. Get rid of static

To tame static clothes, rub some moisturiser on your hands and then run your hands over your clothes. Works every time.

8. Room scent

Spray your lampshades with perfume. They won’t smell much during the day, but once you turn the lamp on, the heat from the light will release the perfume into the room.

9. Stop mirrors fogging up

This is genius – just pour a small amount of shampoo onto a paper towel, rub onto your mirror and wipe off with a clean cloth. Goodbye steamed-up mirror!

imge of a woman standing in front of a fogged up mirror


10. Fabric softener

If you run out of fabric softener, just use some of your hair conditioner instead. It’ll leave your clothes soft and conditioned – just as it does your hair.

11. Keep flowers fresh

Before arranging flowers in a vase, spray the underside of the cut stems with hairspray. It seals in moisture and will keep flowers blooming fresh for a few more days.


Thanks to online hair and beauty retailer who uncovered these secret uses for our favourite make-up products.