We love a weird and creepy gift here at lifedeathprizes! Here are some of the creepiest we could find...


1. Make-out practice pillows



Know someone who needs to improve their kissing? A make-out practice pillow could be just the thing – or it could be the worst Valentine’s present ever! Designer Emily King was inspired by some rubber dummy mouths she found in abandoned suitcases. Even she admits the pillows are super creepy.

2. Twinkle tush

Jewel in cat's butt


Yes, it’s here – a butt cover for your pet! Any cat owner knows how they like to display their bum close up at awkward moments. Well, now you can solve the problem by hanging a sparkly twinkle tush from their tail…

3. Brown beard head knit hat

beard hat


Ever wished your fella had a grizzly beard? No problem! And when he braves the elements, his face will remain as toasty warm as the toughest lumberjack with this hat. The only drawback is how creepily unattractive he’ll look…

4. Bunny salt and pepper shakers

In season bunny salt and pepper shakers


Check out this pair of bonking bunnies designed to spice up mealtimes and add a bit of humour to your table. Though they could give some of your dinner guests the hump, in which case you’d have to tell them to hop it!

5. Creep in underwear, rubbing chocolate sauce on his belly

creepy guy with chocolate sauce


Like it says, this really is a creepy guy in pants who is willing to say anything you want on video, while rubbing his belly with chocolate sauce! He’ll speak up to 100 words of your choice or just sing Happy Birthday. Bizarre!

 6. Skull tidy

skull tidy


Dare we say it, this present is a real no-brainer! The realistic, hollowed-out skull tidy means you can store all your essentials in your head, as long as you don’t mind its rather gruesome appearance…

7. Horse head squirrel feeder

Horse head squirrel feeder


Designed to humiliate the bushy tailed rodents while they eat and transform them into a surreal horse-like creature! But that’s nothing – elsewhere online you buy genuine fluffy squirrel testicles made into a pendant. A little too weird even for us!