We love dogs here at www.lifedeathprizes.com – and in our eyes no telly programme is complete without a canine character. Here's our top TV dogs...


1. Dog – Columbo


When the network suggested a dog, actor Peter Falk, who played the crumpled detective, didn’t initially think he needed one. However, when Falk met the bassett hound, he said, ‘You’re right, that’s Columbo’s dog, but there’s no name you can give the hound, just Dog…’ and so that’s what his new sidekick became known as!


2. Eddie – Frasier

Eddie crane

Eddie the Jack Russell belongs to Frasier Crane’s dad, Marty. So, when Marty moves in with his son, Eddie comes, too! Frasier and Eddie never really hit it off and have a good few stare-offs over the years – with the mutt always winning! Eddie was played by Moose and received more fan mail than any of the human actors on the show.


3. Schmeichel – Coronation Street


The Great Dane – named after former Man United and Man City Danish goalie Peter Schmeichel – was played by four dogs. After being left on Tyrone’s doorstep, the huge hound was later taken in by Chesney Brown. The mega mutt famously took a dip with Les Battersby and Ches and Fiz’s mum Cilla, causing them – and the bath they were all now in – to fall through the ceiling to the room below!


4. Santa’s Little Helper – The Simpsons



The brown greyhound, Santa’s Little Helper, lives with the dysfunctional Simpson family. The hound doesn’t bark and thinks just like a human. When Homer tries to teach him to sit, his disobedient pet dances around on two legs! We bet Simon Cowell would love to see him on Britain’s Got Talent!


5. Brian Griffin – Family Guy

FG12-chriscross_0001-credit FOX Broadcasting

FOX Broadcasting

A talking white Labrador, Brian lives with the Griffin family. Brian loves jazz, speaks fluent French and is also a member of MENSA. When Brian was killed off, fans were furious, so the show’s character, Stewie, travelled back in time to save Brian and the genius hound was resurrected on the show!


6. Roly – EastEnders

Roly Eastenders

An apricot-coloured Standard poodle, that at the time, was a double for owner Sharon Watts! Roly lived in The Queen Vic until Pat Butcher took over and caused Roly to run away. He was found and lived in Mo’s flat for a while. The poodle returned to The Vic when Sharon got a job as a barmaid when Eddie Royle became landlord. Roly then continued to live with Sharon and her husband Grant.


7. Bouncer – Neighbours


A Labrador retriever, Bouncer lived at three addresses during his time on the soap. He went on to survive several incidents including road accidents, being lost, a house fire and being poisoned by mushrooms! It was also revealed that Bouncer was being paid more than some of the human actors who hung out on Ramsay Street!


8. Wellard – EastEnders

PA Photos

PA Photos

A Belgian shepherd, Wellard was actually played by three dogs. He arrived in Albert Square when Robbie Jackson found him wandering the streets. His name is short for ‘well hard’, a Cockney term for being tough. Wellard has been kidnapped and put up for sale, but finally ended his days being cared for by Bianca and her daughter Whitney.


9. Lady Di – EastEnders



The bulldog belongs to Mick and Linda Carter and lives in The Queen Vic. Lady Di was soon up the duff, thanks to Abi Branning’s dog Tramp and gave birth to five puppies. But one appeared not to have made it, until Phil Mitchell noticed a heartbeat and cleared its airways and it survived. We always knew gammon face was a soft touch (not!)


Which of these TV dogs is your favourite?