What do you get if you cross one delicious pastry with another? A sweet-tooth’s dream! We’ve rounded up the best pastry hybrids to get you salivating…


1. Cronut



The one that got pastry hybrids trending, the cronut made its first ever appearance in New York City.

Invented – and trademarked, too – by chef Dominique Ansel, it’s shaped like a doughnut, with the signature hole in the middle, and is covered in a glaze and toppings but has the flaky layers of a croissant inside.

It’s not just reserved for Americans, either. High street bakers Greggs has paid tribute to the pastry with a ‘Greggsnut’!

2. Townie

A stack of townies - tarts crossed with brownies

Instagram/Beas of Bloomsbury

If you’re already the creator of a hugely successful hybrid, it makes sense to come up with another! American baker Bea Vo’s bakery was famed for the ‘duffin’ (a cake doughnut filled with jam). Eager to create another mouth-watering hybrid, she mixed a tart with a brownie, and so the Townie was born.

Think sugar crust around the edges with a fudgy soft centre, moist chocolate brownie with a crunchy tart shell.

3. Wonut



New York might’ve invented the Cronut, but the Wonut is all down to Chicago. Created in Waffles Café, this beast is half-waffle, half-doughnut.

A thick waffle batter is made in a certain flavour (including red velvet!) and after hitting the waffle iron, it gets deep-fried. Then the real mouth-watering bit: it gets dipped in a glaze (you can choose between marshmallow, maple, chocolate or sugar), iced and decorated. Sigh.

4. Cake Pop

Five pink and red decorated cake pops


You see ‘em everywhere these days and there are even home kits, but let’s not forget that when the cake pop came on the scene, it was like nothing we’d ever seen!

The craze was started by Angie Dudley (or blogger Bakerella), who posted a recipe about red velvet cake balls on a stick in 2008. Now they’re the thing to serve at children’s parties, and are a brilliant treat for the office. Or anywhere, really…

5. Bruffin


Instagram/The Bruffin

Last year, two New Yorkers created the ultimate ‘everyday pastry’, and started selling it in their cafe. They wanted to make a ‘meal in a muffin’; something easy to grab that was delicious. So they paired a muffin with brioche. Introducing the Bruffin!

It comes in 12 international flavours (the American has buffalo-style chicken, blue cheese and hot sauce), and also dessert combinations too (well hello, chocolate, bacon and salt caramel, where have you been all our lives?!).


Which one of these pastry hybrids would you love to tuck into?