Gone are the days when guys carried everything in their pockets. Now most of them have some kind of manbag. But they still don’t understand the art of really filling it up.


 1. Make-up

makeup bag

No use to a bloke. Unless of course he’s a drag queen. Or in a heavy metal band. But that’s only eyeliner.

2. Diary


Guys rely on their partners to sort out their social life. If they don’t have a partner, they just remember birthday drinks, dinners etc. Sometimes.

3. Hairbrush



Fellas are either thinning on top or have a beard. And have you seen the state of most facial hair?

4. Umbrella

Folded Blue Umbrella

Girls carry one because they don’t want to get their hair wet. Due to the lack of number 3, men don’t care.

5. High heels


Girls need to change from their trainers into proper shoes for work. Guys keep trainers on all day.

6. Half a chocolate bar

chocolate bar

Because of diet issues, women try to discipline their sweet intake. The opposite sex just eat the whole thing.

7. Hand cream


They pretend they never use this stuff. But they do.

8. Nail file



Men don’t file, they clip. But they never carry nail clippers either.

9. Toothbrush


After eating number 6, women like to clean their teeth. Guys chew gum.

10. Perfume

perfume bottle

Let’s face it, even after using number 9, we may like a fresh-scented boost. Because, who knows, that wet, messy-haired, gum-chewing bloke in trainers with well-clipped nails, soft hands and eyeliner might ask us to put a date with him in our diary! Or at least share his chocolate bar…


What do you carry in your handbag?  Let us know!