If anything were possible, what would be top of your list of fantasy jobs?

Well, the people at www.vouchercloud.com asked over 2000 of us what would be our fantasy jobs, and here are the results!  Further to the top ten, one in ten  agreed that they would like to be a ‘Ghost’ and 5% confessed they dreamt of being ‘An alien’. One respondent also suggested that they would like to have the job of ‘being Prince George’. Each to their own…

1. Minion – 32%

image of a minion



2. Hogwarts Professor – 27%

image of hogwarts professor macgonagall

P A Photos


3. Superhero – 26%

image of woman dressed as superhero



4. Dinosaur trainer – 25%

image of man with a dinosaur



5. Time traveller – 24%

image of Dr Who Tardis



6. Greek God – 23%

image of woman dressed a a greek god



7. Tooth fairy – 22%

image of a child dressed as a toothfairy



8. Fairy godmother – 21%

image of a man dressed as a fairy



9. Jedi Knight – 20%

image of a dog dressed as a jedi knight



10. Vampire slayer – 19%

image of a woman being a vampire



What would your dream job be?