We were all awkward in our teens, but some of us had a harder time than others! There are some things that only a teenage goth will understand...

1. Black was the only colour

But god knows you had way too many different shades of it! Trying to get faded blacks to match was an ongoing nightmare.

2. Foundation just wasn’t light enough

You tried it all! No foundation that you could buy in a normal shop was as light as you wanted it to be. When you finally found a goth brand that made white foundation, you thought all of your problems were over. That was until you discovered just how chalky it made your skin…there wasn’t enough moisturiser in the world to combat that drought on your face!

3. Fishnets were never too much hassle

You didn’t care that they got caught on everything all of the time. They looked great, so you were happy to put up with their downsides.



4. You heard the phrase “cheer up goth” all of the time

People thought they were so funny when they shouted “cheer up goth” at you. No, you aren’t original, and yes I CAN smile, I’m just not going to waste it on you.

5. Summer messed with your look

The heat meant that wearing black head to toe was a real challenge. You longed for autumn when you could wear your long leather jacket without passing out.

6. You hated how difficult it was to find a good black lipstick

All of the black lipstick you ever tried just caked on your lips, and in some cases stuck them together like a strange black glue. You never did find the perfect one…



7. Eyeliner was an essential

If you only had one bit of kit, it had to be a black eyeliner.

8. Your mum went mental when you stained your bedsheets with black hair dye

And your towels, and the bath. In fact the whole bathroom looked like a scene from some kind of massacre. You found out the hard way how difficult it was to remove hair dye.

9. You loved Halloween, and still do!

It is without a doubt the best holiday. You get to look normal for a day, carve a pumpkin and stuff your face with sweets. What’s not to like?



10. Your beauty brands were Manic Panic and Stargazer

Forget Rimmel and 17, it was all about brands like Manic Panic and Stargazer. They were harder to find, but they were the only way you could get the look you wanted.

11. You read Bizarre and Kerrang

You were devastated when Bizarre closed down in January. Life’s just not same without it.

12. Chunky boots were your footwear of choice

Docs, Swear or New Rock, you loved a chunky boot! The weight of them gave you great calf muscles too.



13. You argued with your parents about the piercings you wanted

They didn’t want you to get that nose, eyebrow or nipple piercing and you couldn’t understand what their problem was. It wasn’t a tattoo, so why were they making such a bit deal out of it?

14. Your parents longed to put you in normal clothes

Going shopping with your mum was a challenge. Your concepts of what you should be wearing were vastly different. And there was always that look of disappointment whenever you spent your pocket money on something new… and black.

15. Your piercings and jewellery were always getting tangled in your clothes and hair

Trying to undo yourself from your clothes was always a delicate operation…



16. Your jewellery weighed you down

You loved to pile it on! You had at least 1 ring on every finger, bracelets going all the way up your arms and the customary spiked dog collar.

17. Your sleeves were always dipping into your food

Remember desperately trying to hold your sleeve up to stop it from dipping in your plate?

18. Lace gloves made washing your hands difficult

Should you take them off every time you need to wash your hands or should you just wash your hands whilst wearing them?

19. Airport metal detectors were evil

You had to take off EVERYTHING. Even once you had removed all you could, the chains on your trousers would set the alarm off anyway… sigh!