So you’ve lost those extra stones that you’ve always wanted to through hard work and sheer determination. Your size 18 frame has now shrunk to a 10 and you’re pleased as punch, but there are some things you wish you were told before the weight loss!


1. The loose skin

You have pockets of loose skin in the strangest places! Not to mention the bingo wings that just won’t go away…

2. Where did your boobs go?

Seriously, where did they go? You seem to have gone from a 36FF to a 34D overnight. You never realised how much you’d miss them!

3. You have a strange relationship with food

You blame food for your weight issues. You still love the food that you know you shouldn’t, but you’ve learned how to control how much of it you eat.

4. You weigh yourself ALL the time

The idea of not stepping on those scales for a couple of weeks makes you quite tense. You want to keep track of all of your ups and downs, just to make sure there aren’t too many ups!

woman weighing herself


5. People commend you for losing weight

You find this a bit weird… of course it’s well meant, but you’re never sure how to react to the compliment.

6. You changed your entire wardrobe more than once

Every now and then you remember a dress you loved and you desperately try to find it in your wardrobe, only to realise that you owned it when you were two sizes bigger.

8. You keep pictures of yourself before

Just to remind you… Only a handful of photos exist from your bigger years because you HATED having your picture taken. You’re still not a fan of the dreaded camera, but you’ve learnt to relax a bit.

7. You freak out when your thin jeans are a bit tight

Whenever you put on weight you worry that you’ll end up at the beginning again… Of course you know that you just need to get a grip. There is no way you could put on 5st in a few days!



9. You hate baggy clothes

Working so hard just to cover yourself in a tent seems insane. You love those tall skinny girls who can wear flowing dresses, but you’re just not one of them!

10. You get cold easily

It’s like your body hasn’t got used to the lack of insulation… You’re the one wearing a woolly jumper in the height of summer.

11. You’ve replaced your love of food with fashion

Your weight loss has opened up a whole new world of shopping! You can walk into any shop and find stuff that fits you. You have to remember not to get overexcited though, just because you CAN wear it, doesn’t mean you should!