Minecraft looks as though it's straight out of the 80s but this game has taken over the world. Watch out! There's a zombie behind you!


1. In the time it’s taken you to build a square hut from earth, they’ve built a three-storey mansion with secret tunnels, showers, stables and a farm.

2. Your sweet child never told you not to look at a Enderman and now they’re attacking you and they won’t stop until you’re dead!… and they can teleport!

3. You’ve been busy trying to craft an axe when all of a sudden night has come and there’s a hoard of terrifying zombies at your door trying to kill you.

Rex features

Rex Features

4. You’ll never be as good as them at the parkour. You just keep falling off into lava playing that new map they’ve downloaded.

5. Talking of lava, you’ll curse the number of times you’ve been mining and inadvertently mined into a massive pool of lava and have lost all your stuff.

6. You’ve been happily mining for hours when you turn round to be confronted by a skeleton, panic and fall down a very dark hole. You lose all your stuff… again.

7. Finding diamonds never felt so good!

8. You’ve come back home from mining and there’s a creeper in your house. He blows up, taking half your front room with him.

9. Together you’ve built a nether portal. The single scariest thing you’ve done so far!

10. Once in the nether you’ve accidentally hit a zombie pigman. That’s when they tell you all the zombie pigmen will pursue you forever until you die!

11. You’ll happily lose half of your weekend when they ask, ‘Dad can you play Minecraft with me?’


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