Long before the days of iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, and Sony Xperias, Nokia ruled the roost - and a Nokia 3210 or 3310 were THE phones to have. Here are the things you’ll only know if you had one…


1. The phones had the amazing feature of changeable covers. And not only could you change the face of your phone, you could also customize it with different colour keypads.

2. You could create your own ringtones with the built in music composer. Magazines were also filled with ads for chart topping ringtones. And if you signed up to receive one, you’d often end up spending hours (and lots of cash) trying to unsubscribe from them.

3. The battery life was incredible! Those were the days when you could go at least a week before having to charge your phone. You could text on it all day, make loads of calls, and still have a good 3/4 of battery left.

4. It’d fire up in less than eight seconds. And you could personalise your own greeting. Before the days of touch screens and HD colour, this was actually a BIG deal!



5. No matter how many times you dropped these things, they never broke. The cover might’ve come off, but the phone still worked and there wasn’t a shattered, cracked screen in sight. These phones were virtually indestructible.

6. The phone could only hold 250 contacts. So you had to be pretty selective about which friend’s numbers made it into your contact book.

7. For those on ‘Pay as you go’ tariffs it became a mission to cram your text messages into the 459 character limits. It was beyond irritating when you were a few characters over and were charged another 12p for an additional text. Text messages that looked like this, became the norm: IllMeetUatTheBarOnSatDntBl8

8. Who could forget the game ‘Snake’? Hours were spent chasing tiny dots around a screen as the ‘snakes’ (which were just mere lines) got longer and longer. So much fun out of something so simple!

Google Play

Google Play

9. When texting, having to press a button three times to get a specific letter was tedious. T9 predictive texting was like a revolution! Though some of the predictions were a little off and typing swear words was virtually impossible.

10. Using the internet on your phone wasn’t really a thing. Nobody really knew how it worked and it cost a fortune.

11. Locking your phone meant pressing the menu button and then the * key.

12. The phone could only store a certain number of text messages. So to receive new messages you had to keep deleting old ones.

13. There was no such thing as a camera. This phone was simply just used for texting and making calls.

14. Everyone had the William Tell ringtone at least once when they owned this phone.