With winter on its way we're all gearing up for the big chill. But what on earth would you do if you lived somewhere temperatures dip to -40? Here's some things only people who have lived in a REALLY cold place know…


1. All weather tyres just won’t do

If you want to be able to drive in winter you HAVE to have snow tyres. You know winter has arrived when it’s time for your tyre change over.

2. Your car battery can actually freeze

You hate it when it’s really cold and you have to plug in your car battery to stop it from freezing. Even more annoying is when there isn’t a plug available. You end up spending all of your time going back to your car to turn the engine on just to keep it alive.

3. Effective home insulation is ESSENTIAL

You have to keep the heat in! You know you’re house is properly insulated when the snow on your roof refuses point blank to melt.

4. Going out in winter is an exercise in how much you can wear

Seriously. Thermals, hat, gloves, woollies and a proper coat. You’re wearing it all! You look like the Michelin Man, but you don’t care.

things you'll know if you've lived in a really cold place woman with hat and gloves


5. Being locked out can be life threatening

No chance of you going to put the rubbish out without your keys in your hand! Getting locked out isn’t just an annoyance, at sub zero temperatures it’s dangerous too!

6. High snow banks are a normal sight

They’re pretty irritating too, especially when you have to do the mountain climb to get out of a car onto the pavement.

7. Life doesn’t stop if it snows

If it did, everything would come to a standstill for months on end…

8. Gloves and hats are ESSENTIAL

If you lost your phone and gloves you’d definitely replace your gloves first!

winter clothes things you'll know if you've lived in a really cold place


9. You can’t leave your groceries in the car

If you want to stop for a spot of lunch after going food shopping, you have to remember to take your groceries with you. They’ll be frozen by the time you get back if you don’t!

10. There are basically two seasons

Autumn and Spring are over in the blink of an eye. The weather seems to go directly from lovely summer temperatures to the dead of winter in a matter of weeks. What was that last week? That was Spring.

11. Windchill can make a HUGE difference

Listening to the weather forecast you wait for them to tell you the all important temperature WITH windchill. Who cares that it’s -10? What’s important is that it feels like -20!

12. Your phone can stop working in the cold

You find out the hard way your phone can stop working in those freezing temperatures. From screen problems to complete shut down, your phone can be rendered useless in the cold.



13. Heated bus stops are an essential, not a luxury

Heated bus shelters really are glorious inventions. They’re the only way you could possibly wait for a bus in those insane temperatures.

14. Your pipes can still freeze in July

Just because it’s nice and warm outside it doesn’t mean the ground temperature has risen above freezing yet. Your pipes still can and will freeze if you turn off the hot water too soon!

15. Touch screen phones are a nightmare without the right gloves

There is NO way you’re taking your gloves off to make or receive a call when you’re out in the elements.

16. Non slip footwear and good balance is the only way to stay upright

All of that snow turns the pavements into huge ice rinks. Your balancing skills are put to the test along with your choice of winter footwear


Did you recognise any these things you’ll only know if you’ve lived in a really cold place? What would you add?