Each year of your 30s is marked with more and more of your friends having kids, settling down and being proper grown-ups. You’re naturally happy for them and the big changes in their lives, but you’ve noticed that your life has shifted in unexpected ways, too…


1. Your Facebook feed is filled with pictures of your friends’ kids

What happened to all of those pics of drunken nights out? You must be getting old…

2. Your get asked THAT question all the time

Your mates with kids are always asking you when you are going to have children. Just because they’ve done it, doesn’t mean you have to join in too!

3. The thought of being responsible for a little person scares you

You have to be on the ball ALL of the time. Sometimes you can barely look after yourself, let alone another human being!

4. Big nights out have become family friendly barbecues

You find that your daytimes are booked up way more than your evenings. Family friendly daytime activities are the only way you can see your friends with kids.

childless 30-something


5. People look at you strangely if you say you don’t want kids

Have I got two heads or something?

6. People presume you’re career minded just because you don’t have nippers

Not necessarily! You haven’t made the choice between your career and children, you just don’t really want kids, that’s all.

7. You marvel at your friends ability to fit everything in

They’re great parents, have good jobs and a clean home. How do they do it? You can barely dress yourself some mornings!

8. You find yourself trying to understand kids toys

Gifts for your friends have become less important than presents for their kids. You discover that the art of present buying for children is minefield of bizarre and noisy toys. You always spend AGES trying to decide what to get.



9. Your family are always dropping hints about children

They are always on about how much they want a niece or grandson. We get it, you want us to have kids.

10. You hang out with your younger friends more and more

Friends your age are busy being full-time parents, so you inevitably end up going out with your younger mates instead. You wonder what you’ll do when they start having kids too…