For two years you ruled the school – you’d never felt so important in your life. Here are the things you’ll only know if you were in 6th Form.

1. One clique of girls would claim the common room as their own. And if you weren’t cool enough to be in their gang, you wouldn’t dare enter.

2. Those not cool enough for the common room would spend their break time and free periods in the computer room or library.

3. There would be areas or sofas in the common rooms that belonged to certain groups. If someone new sat on your sofa, that was definitely NOT OK!

all girls sixth form common room


4. Competing for Head Girl was just a big popularity contest.

5. You’d sign up to be a prefect, drawn in by the possibility of getting to boss year 7s around. Then instantly regret it when you had to give up your lunch break to ‘prefect’ them.

6. Putting on the Sixth Form end of year production was the best thing ever. You looked forward to roping in teachers to take part and embarrassing them by putting them in awful costumes.

7. The novelty of having a microwave in the common room. Everyone would bring in a microwave meal, just because they could. But there was always someone who cooked theirs for too long and it exploded.

inside of microwave at all girls sixth form


8. When you turned 18, you’d go out midweek and everyone would think you were so cool when you came in the following day hungover.

9. The one or two boys who joined your school for Sixth Form were treated like gods by the younger years.

10. Being the queens of the school and having to wear smart suits meant you put yourself at the same level as teachers. You’d skip the lunch queue, park in the staff car park and go to the pub for Friday lunch – just because you could.

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11. The last ever day of Sixth Form would consist of a local pub crawl – probably whilst wearing your old school uniform that you last wore in year 11.

12. Your free study periods were taken up with driving lessons, as apposed to A-Level revision.

13.There was always that one group of girls who made so much effort for school with perfect hair and make-up…and one group of girls who did not.


14. There was always a rumour circulating that someone was pregnant.

15. Nothing was more exciting than when you passed your driving test and getting to drive yourself to school for the first time.

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16. When one of your friends turned 18, you agreed to share ID’s. You’d use her driving license while she used your passport. But you’d have to go in the club 10 minutes before her so the bouncers didn’t get suspicious.

17. UCAS points and uni applications caused you so much stress.

18. You spoke about the Sixth Form prom like it was The Oscars.



19. The unwritten ‘absent teacher’ rule, which meant if your teacher was more than 10 minutes late you could abandon the class…and run! You’re still not sure where that rule came from, but it was the one rule you always obeyed!


Did you go to an all girls sixth form? Can you add any more?