What life lessons would YOU want to tell your younger self if you could?


1. Be yourself

The people that matter will love you for who you are. Make sure you don’t lose yourself in an attempt to be someone you’re not.

2. Don’t try to get everyone to like you

Being liked by everyone is completely overrated. It’s a lot of effort for very little return!

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff

If it doesn’t really matter in the long run, don’t waste your time stressing about it. Your energy is precious, use it wisely.

4. Keep your friends close

They will remain the most important people in your life, so make sure you put in the time to make your friendships unbreakable. In the long run you’ll be thankful you did!

5. Make sure you have fun

Whether it’s going out with mates or doing something you love, try to do something you enjoy every day.



6. Don’t worry about what people think

Want to wear something odd or dye your hair bright pink? Go for it! You won’t regret doing it, but you might regret letting other people’s opinions stop you…

7. Don’t be scared to have your own opinions

Your voice is as valid as anyone else’s. Don’t let the fear of being wrong stop you from saying what you think.

8. Throw yourself into everything you do

Give everything 100 per cent. When you look back you’ll be glad to know you always did your best.

9. Learn to stand up for yourself

Don’t let yourself get pushed around by others. People will respect you for your strength of character.

10. Take risks

Leave that job you hate, change your career or travel the world. You will regret it if you avoid doing things just because they scare you.



11. Don’t play the game

Meet a guy you like? Tell him… What have you got to lose?

12. Travel as much as you can

Forget buying that handbag you really want. Save your money to see as much of the world as you can. Your memories will last a lot longer than that bag will!

13. Make time for your family

Spending time with your loved ones will always be time well spent.

14. Live your own life

Don’t let others make the important decisions for you. It’s your life, own it.

15. Look after yourself

Take care of your skin, try to keep fit, always brush your teeth and get your ailments checked out! You only have one body, make sure you give it the attention it deserves.



16. Enjoy your own company

Want to see an exhibition or film that no one else does? No problem… just go it alone. You’ll find it liberating that you can do whatever you want at your own pace.

17. Cut your ties with the friends you don’t like any more

Just because you were friends once, it doesn’t mean you have to still see them. If you realise you don’t like someone any more, don’t waste your time trying to keep the relationship alive. You have much better things to do!

18. Learn to admit when you are wrong

Don’t be that person who just can’t admit when they are wrong. No one can be right all of the time! An apology won’t cost you a thing and it’ll mean you can move on with a clear conscience.

19. Try to save

Of couse it’s boring, but putting away a little bit of money each month will help you save up for those things you REALLY want to do!


What do you wish you could tell your younger self?