Not all of us have the luxury of working just Monday to Friday. There are some things only people who have to work weekends will understand!


1. You never get to see your friends and family

Your bizarre hours mean that it’s so difficult to find a time to see people. You miss family occasions and get annoyed when no one is around to go out for a drink on a Monday night.

2. You get left out of things all the time

All of your friends plan days out on the weekend when you can’t come along. Then they post all of their fun pics on Facebook, which makes it EVEN worse!

3. Friday is NOT a time to party

Everyone in the world seems to see Friday as the night to party. It’s the end of their working week and they intend to make the most of it! Sadly you have to get up early the next day, Saturday is just another working day.



4. People think you’re slacking on your days off

This seems insanely unfair! They get days off too, so why is it any different when you have a Tuesday off?

5. You resent people having fun while you’re at work

You know it’s wrong, but you just can’t help it! What’s even worse is when people tell you to have a nice weekend. Sure, their heart’s in the right place, but you’re at work, how nice can your weekend really be?

6. Your friends think you’re a party pooper when you don’t come out on the weekend

Dude! Have you forgotten I have to work tomorrow? On the rare occasion that you’re convinced to come out, you end up being roped into drinking WAY more than you should on a school night.



7. Your kids don’t understand

They don’t get why you aren’t around on the weekend. They’re at school when you’re off work, so making time to see them is really hard!

8. You’re jealous when your partner takes your kids to the park

They’re off having family time without you and you feel so guilty!

9. You do your shopping at weird times

You’re often found doing your weekly shop in the small hours during the week when there’s NO ONE else in the supermarket!



10. Double pay is an emotional rollercoaster

The only joy of working on a Sunday is getting double pay, and it really IS a joy. Sadly not all Sunday jobs come with this perk. If you’re one of the ones who doesn’t get double pay, you feel VERY hard done by, and rightly so!

11. Your work mates are the ones you tend do stuff with

They work the same weird hours as you, so you end up going out with them way more than your friends who work regular hours.

12. Having the weekend off seems so decadent

Other people don’t realise how lucky they are!