The Scouse Brow, perfectly plucked beauties, Cara Delevingne’s infamous slugs… eyebrows have never been so fashionable. Not great news for everyone though! For those who’ve ever become a bit too ‘tweezer-happy’ and over-plucked their eyebrows, here are a few things you're sure to have experienced...

1. You go through eyebrow pencils like water. You have to keep sharpening them so that you can fill your brows in more precisely.

2. At least 50 per cent of your make-up regime time is spent colouring in your stenciled brows.

woman penciling in her over plucked eyebrows


3. When you over-plucked as a teen and weren’t allowed to wear make-up at school, you were forced to go out in public with your string thin brows! Oh the shame of your Year 9 school photo!

4. Swimming is out of the question, your brows will only disappear. So you can forget about doing that ‘sexy, emerging from water’ thing!

over plucked eyebrows: woman swimming


5. Without makeup on you constantly look startled, thanks to your ridiculously thin and high brows.

6. You over-plucked as a teen and your mum promised you they’d grow back. But even now years on, your brows are still not the same.

7. Anyone with perfectly plucked, natural brows is your enemy. Nobody likes smug slugs!

over plucked eyebrows: Cara Delevigne

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8. You’ve debated having them tattooed to save the daily torture of penciling them on. But you’ve heard the horror stories and let’s face it, you’ve already risked your brows once – you can’t afford to do it twice.

9. Keeping your penciled brows in place whilst sunbathing on holiday, is tough. They just sweat off and melt away.

10. If you fall asleep on the train against a window, your first thought is, ‘Do I still have my eyebrow, or is it smeared against the glass?’

over plucked eyebrows: woman sleeping on train


11. You dread a new partner seeing you without make-up on and having to answer the awkward question, ‘Erm, where are your eyebrows?’

12. You still struggle to get your eyebrows to look symetrical, even though you shade them in every day.