Were you potty about ponies as a littl'un in the 90s? If you were totally horse-mad, you might remember some of these...


1. The Jinny books

You devoured the whole series of stories about Jinny Manders, and wished your parents would decide to move to a huge house in the Scottish Highlands where you could ride around on an Arab horse.

Arab horse running


2. The Saddle Club books

On the shelf below your Jinny books, you had the Saddle Club. If you had horse-loving friends, you’d have to decide whether each of you was more like knowledgable Carol, joker Stevie, or perfectionist Lisa.

3. Thelwell ponies

Although these were around well before the 90s, you still had a few of Norman Thelwell’s hilarious books illustrating a range of horse and pony-related situations – they were surprisingly accurate!

Thelwell ponies

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4. Black Beauty

You’d obviously read the book several times, but you were first in line to see Black Beauty at the cinema when it came out in 1994. “Don’t go, Joe!” Sob.

Black Beauty film pic

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5. Mary King’s Riding Star game

When you weren’t out horse-riding, you were indoors pretending to on this game. It was strangely satisfying to get Star out of the field and groom him, before taking him to a showjumping event. And genuinely upsetting when he knocked the jump over!

6. The Horse Whisperer

You skipped past all the boring adult stuff about affairs and who was in love with who, to read all about poor Pilgrim and his owner Grace. The film was good, too, but it misses out the vital part where Tom Booker dies at the end!

Scene from Horse Whisperer

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7. Which jodhpurs?

At one point, everyone was wearing cream jodhpurs, so yours were fine. Then suddenly you noticed people riding around in burgundy, green, navy blue… time for an emergency trip to the saddlery!

8. CAM catalogue

Before Christmas, you’d leaf through the CAM catalogue subtly bookmarking the things you wanted – new headcollars, gloves, hat covers, riding whips, fleeces with horses’ heads on the front…

Horse tack


9. Horsey clothes

You had more horsey clothes than normal ones – all covered in hair, with random stains down them. In the 90s, huge jumpers and fleeces were the thing to wear, preferably with a picture of a horse’s head on the front…

10. Nostalgia

If you no longer ride, you look back on the days when you were horse-mad and promise yourself that, maybe next month, you’ll go and book yourself a lesson!