It has been the bane of your life. People struggle to pronounce it and spell it, others simply call you something completely different altogether. Here are the things you’ll only know if your name’s unique!


1.When you tell people your name, you automatically spell it out of habit. You know they’ll only ask anyway.

2. People always ask you who you’re named after or why your parents chose that name. If they knew you’d be asked these questions for the rest of your life, they may have opted for something a bit more traditional.

3. You’re shocked when strangers pronounce your name correctly and it makes your day that they got it right.

4. Kids would make fun of your name at school and refer to you as the closest thing that your name resembles.

5. In school, teachers would always pick you out of everyone to answer a question, or to read aloud to the class. That’s because yours is the only name they can remember.



6. Everyone asks you where your name originates from and if you’re foreign.

7. Whenever you’re asked your name over the phone, you come up with creative ways of spelling it, just to keep things interesting for yourself! B for Barry Manilow, Y as in YOLO…

8. When registering for a new email address or username, you never have to worry about adding a bunch of numbers after your name in order to get one that isn’t already taken. Just your name is fine.

9. When you meet someone with the same name as you, it’s like meeting an imposter! Who are you and why have you got my name?!

10. You’re used to receiving birthday and Christmas cards from extended family with your name mis-spelt. Come on guys, really?!



11. As a kid you missed out on personalised gifts. You’d spend ages desperately trying to find your name on a stand full of personalised wristbands and keyrings. Even now, you can’t help but have a quick flick through, just in case.

12. You cringe when people try to pronounce your name, and end up with something completely different.

13. You find people call you by nicknames or a shortened version of your name. You like to think it’s because you’re on really friendly terms, but actually it’s because they don’t have a clue how to say your real name.

14. Sometimes you feel like a celebrity because everyone you meet remembers your name as it’s so different. Now, if only they could pronounce it properly…

15. You always try hard to spell and pronounce other people’s names correctly as you know how annoying it can be.

16. You were always the only kid in school with your name. So when it came to labelling your PE kit, your mum only had to write your first name in the label.