Forget glamping, us Brits know how to camp properly. Here are things you’ll only know if you’ve been camping in the UK.


1. No matter how much you plan and pack, there is always something you forget. And it’s always the things that seem the least important, but are actually really important. Like that thingamajig that pulls the tent pegs out of the ground.

2. A two man tent is not big enough for two men. A four man tent is not big enough for four men. A six man tent is not big enough for six men…

3. The sounds of flip flops passing your tent is sure to wake you up early. Either that, or the sounds of tents unzipping around you.

4. It almost always rains, at least once on your trip. So you’ll be only too familiar with soggy, inside tent walls.



5. Someone will always fall over the guy ropes, no matter how brightly coloured they are.

6. On cold nights, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your entire wardrobe to bed.

7. Camping is the only time you can wear whatever you like and nobody will judge you. It’s normal to go to the toilet block in your pajamas, wellington boots and a raincoat, whilst clutching a toilet roll.

8. It becomes a mission to get to the shower block as early as you can every morning to avoid the queues.



9. Having to keep pushing the shower on to get the water to run is beyond irritating.

10. There’s always grass and mud in the shower block. And lots of hair down the plug hole – urgh!

11. You come to expect a long queue for the hairdryer in the shower block.

12.  Everything seems to taste better, cooked outside. Sausages cooked on a gas stove or BBQ have never been more delicious.



13. Even in the heat of summer, the grass is always wet at 6am.

14. Putting up a tent in the rain is no fun. Taking it down in the rain is no fun.

15. There’s always one family who are pro campers and seem to be prepared for anything. You on the other hand have all the gear and no idea!

16. No matter how many times you go camping and erect the same tent, you still struggle. It wouldn’t be tradition unless you argued with the other half whilst trying to peg down a tent in the rain.



17. You forgot how much you hated washing up! There’s nothing worse than having to queue to use the washing up station, with all your dirty utensils in a washing up bowl.

18. The best things about camping…getting home to a clean, warm bed, and hot water on tap!