It’s true that we all worry about our health from time to time, but for some of us it’s a full time occupation!

1. You HATE being sick

No one likes it, but for you it’s a veritable nightmare of stressful situations. You spend a lot of time and energy worrying your cold could be the sign of something worse.

2. When you come across an unusual illness you wonder what the symptoms are

You never know, you might have them. There is a chance that this could be the illness that explains everything from your paper dry skin to your constant battle with your weight.

3. You actually look at the leaflet in medication

Yes, you really do read the enclosed leaflet. How else could you educate yourself about the possible side effects of medication? It doesn’t hurt to know what you are getting yourself into.



4. You KNOW your body

Is that weird thing on your foot new? It definitely wasn’t there last week. You do a weekly mental scan of all of your lumps, bumps, aches, moles and rashes, how else would you know if something changes?

5. You worry about every little thing

OK, worry is slightly the wrong word, you’re not always stressing about every new symptom, you just want to know why you have them. It doesn’t hurt to be informed!

6. You Google EVERYTHING

Every time you come across something unusual you go straight to your computer to find out what it might be. What could be the reason for your eye twitching?



7. You’ve become a fountain of knowledge

Friends come to you with their weird symptoms. Of course you always send them to a doctor, but you have become their version of looking up stuff on the net before making an appointment.

8. It didn’t come from nowhere

You’re a hypochondriac because you’ve had some strange symptoms in the past that stumped your GP as well as a few specialists. Going through the long list of medical possibilities made you more aware of the need to take control of your health.

9. You’re obsessed with medical TV programmes

From Embarrassing Bodies to House, you can’t get enough of both fictional and real life medical shows.

Rex Features

Rex Features

10. You HATE it when doctors say it’s just one of those things

Ok, so it might not be serious, but what IS it? More importantly, how do you know it’s not serious if you can’t tell me what it is?

11. You wonder how people coped before the Internet

How on earth did they know if their symptoms were something worth worrying about? They must’ve gone to the doctors ALL of the time.

12. You carry antibacterial hand sanitiser everywhere with you

It’s literally in every handbag you own.



13. You always get sucked into the superfood hype

Maybe blueberries will be the answer to everything!

14. You’re a self-confessed hypochondriac

Yes, you know how crazy you seem to other people, but you don’t care.