You were sure these things would improve as you got older!


1. Your cooking

Practice clearly did not make perfect. You still find yourself burning dishes you’ve cooked hundreds of times.


2. Your love of sweets

You were led to believe adults replaced their love of sweets with more refined things like soufflé. Apparently not.

3. Your skin

You thought spots were just for the young – how wrong you were!


4. Your beauty regime

Your ability to find the right make-up for your skin tone still eludes you.

5. Your ability to know when you’ve had enough to drink

Surely drinking too much is a young persons game? You’ve found out the hard way that isn’t necessarily the case!

6. Your hangovers

Hasn’t your body had enough training by now?


7. Your multitasking capabilities

You watched your mum doing 10 things at once and thought, one day I’ll have those multitasking skills. Turns out not all things are hereditary.

8. Your organisation skills

What skills?

9. Your ability to budget

You still find your bank account in the red when it comes to payday. Why have you not got any better at this?


10. Your ability to let things go

You know arguments aren’t worth wasting your energy on, but you can’t help it!

11. Your maturity

Age and maturity are not the same thing at all, apparently!