Ever woken up in the airing cupboard? Then you're probably a sleepwalker.


1. Off you go again on an aimless night-time wander!

You have a very understanding partner! Many times you’ve woken them up in a daze or they’ve witnessed you get up and off on one of your forays, like trying to climb out of the window…

2. Where am I?

You’ve woken up wondering how you got there but have no recollection how or why…  Storerooms, cupboards other peoples bedrooms. Watch out you’re in zombie mode!



3. Breakfast in bed?

Sitting bolt upright in bed thinking you have a frying pan in your hand?  ‘What do you want for breakfast?’ you ask your partner in a semi-conscious state then head off to the kitchen. A common occurrence where you start an activity in your dream state… it takes you a while to sense true reality again.

4. In the nude

Our advice would be to wear something to bed and when you’re staying in a hotel remember to pack your PJs! Sleepwalking down corridors of hotels in the all together is amusing to others but not so much yourself!



5. Hotel options?

More hotel quandries…. Get a ground floor room for your own personal safety to stop sleep-you eyeing up a balcony. Although you could go through the embarrassment of walking through reception fast asleep, at least you won’t go splat.

6. Drastic measures

If the above has happened try taping your hotel key to your arm before bed. At least you can get back in your room after the sleepwalking episode. Maybe you should wear a sign as well!?



7. Flatmates

You have to ‘fess up with new housemates about your bizarre habit of walking around in the dark at all hours. Just so they know that when they see you standing at the end of their beds in the early hours that you’re not a total weirdo and have an explanation.

8. Escape

You may well be a genius, even Macgyver can’t break out of some rooms like you can… so invest in a door wedge that might fox you long enough even if a locked door won’t!

9. How did you survive that!

You’ve crossed the road and been to the shop before you’ve came round to a lucid state… how scary is that!

Be careful fellow sleepwalkers!