Working from home can seem like the dream job. Nobody to see you in your pyjamas, no office politics, as many tea and coffee breaks as you like – you really are living the dream….aren’t you? Here are the things you’ll only understand if you work from home.

1. No horrendous commute

Forget late trains, broken down buses and traffic jams, you can just roll out of bed at 8:59 am and get straight to work. Though, that also means you never have an excuse for being late. Well, you can hardly blame a heavy duvet and cosy bed for slowing you down.

2. Bad hair, who cares?!

When there’s nobody around to see your unwashed hair and make-up free face, it means you can have an extra half an hour in bed. Result!



3. Daytime TV

Working home alone can actually get pretty lonely. Which means you have the perfect excuse to have Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women on. Just for a bit of background noise though, obviously. You’d never actually watch… I mean, very briefly get distracted by the shows.

4. Doorbell dilemma

When the doorbell goes, you’re faced with an impossible decision. To answer or to ignore… This is where you actually wish you’d got dressed and washed your hair before starting work.



5. People don’t understand your job

Just because you work from home, doesn’t mean you’re skiving and doing nothing all day. When your other half comes home and moans that you haven’t cleaned up or hoovered, you want to explode. Working from home means you are working! And who’d want to do chores in their lunch hour.

6. Lunchtime has never been so popular

No more microwave meals or fighting over the office kettle. You can now cook your own healthy lunch, in your own oven. So why is it that you still find yourself scoffing cakes, biscuits and bags of crisps?

7. No more office treats

It’s a sad day when you miss out on cakes and treats being brought into the office. Buying your own lonely treats just doesn’t feel the same.

8. Hello? Is anybody there?

Sometimes a busy day answering emails means you can go hours, or even the whole day, without actually talking to a single person.


9. The to-do list

You’ve become obsessed with lists. With nobody there to tell you what to do, you rely on lists to get you through each day. Your desk is smothered in lists, post-it notes and reminders.

10. Switching off

Working from home makes it difficult to know when to switch off. You find yourself checking emails before bed and the second you wake up. And when you answer your personal phone with your company greeting, you know you seriously need a holiday.