Our emotions are often written all over our faces, but what happens if you have a natural expression that is far from delightful? There are some things that only people with resting bitch face will understand...

1. If you’re not smiling, people assume something is wrong

Rex Features

Rex Features

And they and treat you accordingly!


2. You get asked lots of questions


Endless inane questions like what’s the problem?

 Or why do you look annoyed? Or are you mad at me?!


3. People tell you to smile, then put a camera in your face


I’m not a performing monkey!


4. You’re always explaining yourself

Rex Features

Rex Features

You find yourself constantly explaining that you’re not mad, angry or pissed off, it’s just the way your face is.


5. People think it’s ok to tell you they thought you were a total bitch when they first met you



Hold on… how many other people think that?


6. You become a master of the fake smiling


Just so that people don’t assume you’re in a foul mood.


7. You get annoyed with yourself when you apologise for the way your face looks

Rex Features

Rex Features

Wait, why should I be sorry about my face?


8. You make a joke and people are surprised that you have a sense of humor


They often tell you how shocked they are too! Harsh!


9. People ask you if you’re ok every 10 minutes


Yes I’m fine, really!


10. People think that you’re bored all of the time


Don’t worry about me! I’m having a great time on the inside!


11. You get mistaken for having an attitude problem


A lot!


12. Making friends can be tough



People are often wary of you when they first meet you.


13. You suffer from face ache every time you fake a smile


How do people do this all of the time?


14. People always think you having a bad day

Rex Features

Rex Features

Little do they know that you’re having a GREAT day! Well, sometimes.