Oh the joys of owning a caravan!


1. Your ‘van will soon become an extension of your home, complete with tubs of flowers and a neatly mown grass patch.

image of a home from home caravan


2. Even in the middle of the summer, a hot water bottle is a must… preferably with a knitted cover. It’s almost always chilly at night!

3. The season starts at the beginning of March and ends at the end of October. While you could go out of season, the site owner will have turned off the electricity and water, so it won’t be much fun!

4. Caravan owners are highly territorial! You soon learn to give everyone their space.

5. Tidiness IS next to Godliness. You learn to take the bare minimum,  and soon become a master in the art of storage including the use of pull down tables, pull out beds and storage space under seats.

6. Unless its pouring with rain, you sit outside in temperatures that would have you huddling by a radiator at home! Now, where’s that windbreak…?

image of caravan in the rain


7. You’ll be busy doing absolutely nothing. Switch off your phone (or at least put it on silent), read a book, do a crossword… breathe… and chill out!

8. Before you know it you WILL turn into Wayne and Waynetta! No need to dress up, none at all. It’s slob out time down at the ‘van!

9. You can be spontaneous. If the weather looks good, you can pack up and be down at the van in the time it takes to drive there. There’s nothing to book, no-one to tell – and you can arrive in the dead of night if you want to.

10. Caravanning requires a certain mentality, so you’ll meet all sorts – and then some! With a bit of luck, some will become life-long, or at least season-long buddies.

11. You know that touring with a caravan is a whole other ball-game. While others might think you can just up and go, you can’t! Not only do you need a car that can tow, you have to book in advance to make sure you have a pitch for the night. Nah, you can’t be bothered!

12. If it’s rocking, don’t come knocking! The walls on caravans are not that thick, windows are left open – so if you see movement, it’s time to turn up the radio and look the other way!

image of caravan with ladies legs sticking out of the window


13. It’s fun! Kids love the freedom, and everyone can make new friends (if they want to).

14. You don’t have to live without 21st century luxuries. Most caravans are attached to mains water and electricity, so you’ll have both a loo and a shower – and most sites also have wi-fi.

15. You can stay for as long as you like. If the weather is great, stay for another day or two. If it’s horrible, just pack up and go back home.

16. You’re looking forward to retiring and then you can spend even more time at your ‘van!

17. When the weather is good, there’s no other place you’d rather be!